Picking the Perfect Venue

Congratulations! So you got the ring!! Welcome to the world of being engaged.  It is definitely elating and you feel like you are on an all-time high.  Hence you are so excited to begin the planning journey.  Where do you start?   Picking the perfect venue of course.


First and foremost you need to develop a budget that is accurately depicted in the area you wish to get married.  Once you have established what your financial investment will be from all parties contributing you can put together your budget.  As you may know, the venue you select will be a significant part of the overall budget.  Whether you choose a venue that is all-inclusive or a unique location like a farm or estate that requires booking all your vendors separately, you will need to allocate the appropriate funds to the reception costs.

Determine Style and Vibe

First of all establish the vibe you are looking for.  Does your heart race in terror at the thought of a tented event with multifaceted logistics and rain plans in place for implement weather?  Are you looking for upscale formality or rustic elegance?  New England has some of the most amazing wedding venues in the country with a wide array of options.  There are the beachfront locations, amazing countryside barn venues, unique locations like wineries, orchards, gardens,and museums…… the list is endless.

You can conquer and divide by area or by style of venue if you are open to a destination location in New England. No doubt, backyard weddings are a favorite of mine personally. Hence if you are fortunate to have access to a beautiful backyard you may be able to save a lot on a site fee.  There are many components to crafting your backyard wedding so that is for another blog!  Ultimately here is the big question…. how to choose.  First, narrow down choices by what works for your budget!

Rules to Follow for Picking a Venue

Here are the rules to follow:

#1  Do not do a site visit at a location until you know if it is in your budget, you will just set yourself up for disappointment

#2 Never book the first place you tour or sign a contract on the spot

#3 When visiting for a tour, make sure you write down all the questions to ask  click here

#4 If you are planning on touring a lot of different venues, keep a journal or log of each one and the things they provide

#5  Be visionary or take someone along who is  ( if you are hunting in the winter for a spring or summer venue it will take some imaginary creativity to envision that location when it’s in season)

#6 If you did not get a good vibe, politely move on

#7 Use the skills of a good planner who knows the area, we have insight into venues ( the good, the bad, and the in-between)

Beachfront wedding on Cape Cod
Tented beachfront reception
Ceremony and Celebration at a Local Vineyard
Truro Vineyards, one of our favorite spots

Destination Maine Barn Wedding

Hardy Farm
Elegant and intimate fall wedding

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