The New Normal- 2020 Weddings

The  new normal  2020 wedding scene  is anything but normal!  Both couples and the pros in the industry are desperately trying to make sense of it all.  Needless to say it has been an emotional roller coaster ride for us all with constantly changing regulations, no specific guidelines that are consistent throughout and a loss of money for all involved with the new normal for 2020 weddings.

For the couple: the new normal

The new normal for 2020/ its about your love story

Invites went out, guests have booked lodging, vendors have been deposited and décor plans in place and then Covid 19 hit hard and pulled the plug on all that time, money, and emotional investment. In the 2020 wedding scene,  most couples we have spoken to have lost deposits or worse and are now trying to navigate smaller weddings during the new normal. How on earth do you cut your guest lists?

My heart goes out to them as after twenty years as a New England Wedding Planner, I know too well what the investment looks like for our clients.   For many the excitement of getting married has been replaced with grief and frustration. Our advice emotionally has been to go back to why you were planning a wedding in the first place.

It is ultimately about the two of you, beginning your life journey together with vows of commitment, a love story, and the start of an amazing adventure together.  Not even a pandemic can take that away.  Find a way to grieve it and then bounce back to what matters.  If you need help getting excited again or someone to take the reins and help you plan a Redo, call us!

For the industry pros: the wedding scene

Well, this is where is gets even more interesting from a larger perspective.  Venues are scrambling to move dates, and subsequently then losing valuable prime dates for 2021.  For venues with back to back weddings on weekends, imagine trying to move all their contracted clients around and fitting everyone in to try to make it work with their other vendors availability.  Each vendor and venue have different contractual terms and financial payment plans that they are trying to navigate through.

The Vendor Struggle- the new normal

Remember your venues and vendors have never been through something this catastrophic on this big of a scale.  I am a planner with a catering background and experience working onsite for venues.  Therefore, I  completely understand the complexity this situation has brought on the industry as a whole.  How do we protect ourselves, follow guidelines, enforce guidelines, and embrace the client’s pain and frustration with grace and passion.

In the 2020 wedding scene,  remember we are all dealing with frustration and pain ourselves.  The hospitality industry is a strong one, we know how to bring joy, flawlessly execute celebrations, and create amazing experiences for clients and guests.  But to be honest, we are really all in this together now unlike ever before.

For the  photographer, how do you maintain social distancing  with large wedding parties?  Makeup and Hair vendors are having to maintain sanitizing procedures all on a tight time table in  small spaces.  Caterers have so many limitations, food service styles have to be altered, and keep in mind servers and chefs are subjecting themselves to volumes of guests who may or may not be infected.  Likewise the rest of your vendor team is as well.

These industry pros have families, some with small children or immune compromised family members and we are putting ourselves at some level of risk to execute your special day flawlessly.  Just keep that all in mind as you navigate through your planning and expectations.

Planner views: 2020 Wedding Scene

The new normal/ backyard weddings

Couples who have rescheduled can call us for help with backyard mini weddings.  We highly consider your situation and the disappointment you feel.  We  have spent twenty years building our vendor relationships. This  provides you with the best team of vendors to collaborate on your celebration.  My heart goes out to them as well.  You matter and they matter too!

The Redo: Wedding Scene

Simply stated, in the new normal contact us for a chat about where you are with your 2020 celebration.  We have been pros at executing backyard weddings for twenty years.  In that time, we have built amazing relationships with vendors that love to work with us.  Best thing is we have access to amazing locations for last minute smaller events.

We service all of New England and have networks with vendors in multiple wedding markets!  We love unique spaces, especially outdoors.  Sometimes a quick phone call with a client is all that is needed to bring some clarity and hope back to your celebration.

Reach out today to The Perfect Plan and let us help you off the wedding redo cliff!

2020 Wedding Scene

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