The Perfect Plan Reflection on 2020

During these unprecedented times of navigating thru the Covid 2020 pandemic, I have had my share of challenges, disappointments, and lots of time to reflect all while navigating 2020.

After twenty years of executing flawless events all over New England, my love for the hospitality industry has only grown stronger.  One thing that has not  faltered is The Perfect Plan’s  foundation of integrity, hospitality, and passion.

2020 is The Perfect Plan’s twentieth year in business.  It should have been a year of celebration, both for our clients and for us as a whole. Instead we experienced something quite different.  Yes, our weddings were rescheduled, some multiple times.  We lost the opportunity to build up and educate through our internship programs with local hospitality colleges.  I really miss mentoring these young professionals and seeing them eagerly learn from my team.   We lost the opportunities to collaborate with our vendor partners in the creation of amazing events.

Instead of designing and creating events, we were troubleshooting each and every celebration.  We were consoling our client’s emotions. In addition, we were navigating new plans with little or no direction. This situation surely beats configuring four rain plans in one day for four separate events with a multitude of vendors.  There was no “perfect plan”for Covid.

The Process

I discovered that a large part of what I do, that is being a planner, is an even larger part of who I am.  I also realized that most of my social life was tied to the people I collaborated with on these incredible events.   Suddenly, everything I worked so hard to achieve vanished.

Of course we still had our reviews, our clients, our awards, and history of what we created.  But our day to day ambitions, work schedules, and creative design elements were no longer present.

All events cancelled or postponed.  Suddenly we had weekends with time on our hands unlike we ever experienced before.  But all those things, we could not do because of our work schedules, were not available to us due to quarantines, fear of getting sick, or worry over our financial stability. Now we had no work and no fun.

Once  the reality of the situation sunk in, navigating 2020 became the focus of my thoughts. First I  found things to try to keep my mind busy and occupy my time.  I made lists of all the things I wanted to tackle but was too busy to do so.  I focused on my family, my son, my grandson but also myself.

So in navigating 2020, here is what I have learned  about what the new normal for me will be.

The Reflection

Hospitality is who I am both personally and professionally.  I am truly blessed to be able to get up every day and do something I love.  This industry is not an easy one so I will stay focused on giving it my all both to my clients and to my preferred partners. Sometimes the intimate celebrations mean the most.  I will remember my accomplishments humbly but proudly and that you are never too old to learn something new.  Show your passion for your work, share your knowledge, and be a pillar of support for your collaborative partners.  Dare to dream bigger and don’t let your hardships define you. Be a leader not a boss, raise others up to be greater, and in a really angry world be kind.  Value the clients that value you and know you will come out on the other side greater.  You are only as good as your last event.

Just some tidbits about me:

Planning with Passion and Purpose
Taking care of business with our awesome groom

I am a true farm girl at heart. Starbucks is my coffee of choice, really no option here!  I prefer the country over the city.  My getaway trips usually involve Vermont and exploring streams with my son, I prefer beer over wine, and I have a big heart but the spirit of a lion.

One of my favorite quotes: “It may take me longer to get to the top, but that is because I am carrying my self respect with me”

Call us if you want a planner with purpose, passion, and integrity, and we will deliver what we promise!



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